First Nations Author

Storytelling has always been the way....

Lynne Marie Sherry

Canadian First Nations Author 

 .....teaching the traditions,  the history, culture, and the truths, the way Indigenous people have always done it....through the art of storytelling

About me....

Lynne Marie Sherry

        I am a Band Member of Six Nations of the Grand River, with blood ties to Alderville  First Nations, and Mississauga of the New Credit.  

         Being an explorer, teacher, and helper by nature, I find expression,  and the opportunity to offer the healing properties of traditional knowledge, through my work as a writer, poet, and speaker.


Whatever form my art takes, it is a seeking spirit and a deep reverence for nature, that are the ever-present entities.

Tradition is an Evolving Entity

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Lynne Marie Sherry

Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

(905) 714-2456